Who am I?

      Hi! My name is Annie and I am a Louisiana photographer located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. I absolutely love working with clients who value unique, beautiful photographs of their precious families.

       Sessions with me are easy and relaxed.  My family sessions involve lots of snuggling and playing and very little staring at the camera.  I would rather a beautiful photo of a family interacting then everyone looking at me smiling any day….. I put lots of thought and care into each session with the goal of capturing the unique personalities of your little ones.  I don’t want you to leave with just photographs.  I want you to have a wonderful memory of the experience.  What it was like breathing in your sweet newborn as you cradled her in your arms during the parent shots, or the sound of your toddlers laugh as you tossed him in the air.  We have fun 🙂

      For newborn sessions you are welcome to watch how I carefully and purposely pose your sweet baby or crash on the couch for a 2 hour much needed nap!  Seriously, one time I finished a session and mom and dad were fast asleep.  I just held their sweet baby and let them sleep for about 45 minutes until she was hungry.  It was so sweet…

      I have been taking pictures since I was developing my own film in high school.  I am obsessed with two things: brand new babies wrapped in cozy knit blankets and the beautiful golden light of the sun.  In fact, I am always chasing light whether it is soft window light falling over a newborn’s tiny features or the warm orange and yellow hues of the sunset.  

      I think it’s important to get to know who you will be trusting with documenting important milestones in your life, so here is a little bit about me:

      I love dark chocolate, food of allll kinds, coffee, wine, soft muted colors, babies (obviously), traveling, the beach…..

      I am married to my best friend.  For real.  We’ve been together since I was 19 and my heart is so full of love for him.  He is kind and gentle and a caring and loving husband and father.  I hit the jackpot with him.  He is the love of my life.

       We have a smart, funny, beautiful, stylish, make-up and beauty product obsessed 17 year old (yes 17!!!), Mattie.  Mattie was my inspiration to attempt newborn photography back in 2001.  See back then, there really wasn’t such a thing.  In our area.  If you wanted newborn photos, you took your 6 week old (because they wouldn’t take any younger) to K-Mart for their session.  I loooooved Anne Geddes when I was growing up and thought, I’m going to do this myself.  I never would have imagined that  years later I would be taking newborn photos as a career.

      We always wanted more children, but it didn’t look like that was in the books for us….. …….Well, after years (like 12 years to be exact) of no pregnancies we were recently blessed with our 2nd daughter, Harley. She is a little ray of sunshine that came into our lives when we were least expecting it and has made us all a little softer.  We soak up every drop of each phase in life she passes through and enjoy every moment.   She brings us so much Joy and is such a funny child and has the most incredible knee dimples.  She is always making us smile.

      Not a single second with my girls is taken for granted.  Each stage goes by so quickly and for the past 17 years I have been trying to freeze each stage of their lives with my camera.  My favorite thing in the world is going through my pictures or staring at them on my wall and transporting myself back to those moments.  I think I became really focused on documenting our family life when my grandmother passed away.  We were planning for her funeral and I was surprised at how few photos I had of her over the years.  Now, I don’t put my camera down.  I want to document the every day details of our lives and make sure that I am in photos for my girls.  I don’t want to forget.  I want to have these photos of our life to look back on when I am old and grey.  I take our family photos every year and I know they will be treasures for my girls  in the years to come.

      In addition to photography, I also have a PhD in Physiology.  I studied at LSUHSC in New Orleans and worked there for 10 years as a scientist before making the tough decision to leave. I wanted to devote more time to my family and to photography yet still make a difference as a mentor and a teacher so I accepted a Biology teaching position at St. Scholastica Academy which I LOVE!   I think these two worlds of Art and Science bring balance to my life.  And  I couldn’t give up either one.

      Because I am a full-time teacher I only take a handful of sessions a month.  By not taking a lot of sessions, this allows me to focus on each family and provide them with unique, timeless images to cherish. 

      Goodness, if you made it this far thank you!  Thats me in a nutshell lol.  Bottom line, if you are looking for story book images of your little angels, then I would love to plan a session with you!