Snapped for a cause {well dressed wolf}

      When Harley was 6 months old, my friend introduced me to the boutique clothing brand Well Dressed Wolf. Little did I know that this would be so much more than clothes. It was a whole new world I was becoming a part of. The world of BST (buy sell trade). Dresses selling out in seconds to be sold at minimum of 2x’s the price PSN (pending ship notice). Unicorns (rare pieces) were soooo hard to come across and sold for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. I was shocked at first. But quickly jumped right in and purchased my very first piece for my sweet girl, a Spring Lily.

      That’s all it took for me to become hooked. That little dress was perfection. Something so special. I knew I had to have more. Fast forward 5 years and we have had LOTS of amazing pieces. Well Dressed Wolf has become part of every birthday, holiday, photo session. Lot’s have been sold so other momma’s could enjoy them too and a handful of extra special pieces have been carefully tucked away inside her “forever box”. These will be passed down for generations.

      I didn’t realize I was becoming a part of something so much more than that. It first became evident to me when one of the wolfie momma’s on the page lost her beautiful baby girl, Sammie. This group came together to lift this family up in prayer. A dress was even released in her honor, the Sammie Angel dress. It was the most beautiful thing to see. And it didn’t stop there. I saw it over and over in the group. Because of Well Dressed Wolf, friendships have been made, complete strangers will rally together to find dresses for births, adoptions, funerals and everything in between. The hashtag #itsmorethanjustclothes has so much meaning behind it.

      Snapped for a cause

      Well Dressed Wolf is a brand that works to create better lives for people all over the world. Hard-working women in El Salvador, Indonesia, and India bring us the most beautiful clothes. Their mission of giving back extends beyond the local communities. For example, with the assistance of the Angel House, they were able to build “The Little Den Orphanage” which provides clean water and a home to children in India.

      The list of charitable actions is ongoing and I was lucky to be apart of one. Last year Well Dressed Wolf donated 20 one of a kind dresses for the Snapped for a Cause fundraiser which benefits the Mighty Acorn Foundation. My friend Lesley messaged me about the contest. I obviously thought I had no chance of winning but entered a photo anyway. This is what I sent in:

      fine art photo of girl with tulips

      I was shocked when I saw my name on the list with all of the other fabulous ladies. I recognized quite a few from the board.

      snapped for a cause 2019

      What an exciting time! Checking the mail everyday…..checking the facebook pages to see when the dresses would start arriving. The suspense was killing me lol. I knew it was going to be a naomi because the dresses started arriving and people were sharing them. I didn’t know what color….When I saw that beautiful pink package in the mailbox I ripped it open (carefully lol) and immediately sent this photo from my phone to my friend Jennifer.

      It. was. amazing. It took a second to realize that it was made from the floral material of the shorts and bloomers of the blue micro check naomi. I was so excited because I love blue and I love naomi’s lol. And this was incredible. I knew I wanted the photo to showcase how pretty the dress was and I wanted it to be special for me too so we included my middle child, Coco. I adore how they turned out.

      This was the photo in the contest:

      girl on bridge in well dressed wolf naomi

      That one was my favorite. I printed it big big for my living room.

      In the end, I was able to raise over $1000 for the Mighty Acorn Foundation. I wish I could’ve done more, but as a teacher I have little time for extra sessions. I am proud of that number though and so grateful for everyone who contributed to the cause. Together, this wonderful group of woman raised over $50,000. You can see how that money improved children’s lives here.

      This was such a fun and exciting thing to be a part of. It feels so good contributing to such a beautiful cause.

      Donations to the Mighty Acorn Foundation are accepted year round. You can make your donations here.

      Snapped for a cause {well dressed wolf}

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